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2021-06-05 I recently integrated my own Mark/Sweep Garbage Collector into Natalie and it kinda sorta works! It's been a fun ride full of many challenges, but I'm glad I didn't give up.

2022-02-10 We recently started writing a new compiler Internal Representation that supports multiple backends for our Ruby implementation! This is quite fun and is proving dramatically more flexible and easier to hack on than our old compiler.

2022-03-31 I've been at Planning Center for 8 years! The coworkers are just fantastic, the leadership loves me more than I deserve, and the churches we help are constantly teaching us how technology can be put to use for Good!

2022-10-14 natalie-lang.org is now hosted by Natalie! We added socket and fork stuff to Natalie, and now we can take connections and serve content. It's just static content for now, but this was a huge milestone for Natalie! <3

2023-08-05 Mya is a little toy compiler I started working on, where all the work I've done for it is public on my YouTube channel. Here is the playlist!

2023-11-05 Natalie is now capable of self-compiling! This was a big milestone for the project, as the compiler itself is made of a lot of Ruby code, and for that to all work, and for it to be performant enough to be useable, means we are making great progress toward being a useful Ruby implementation.

Fun Dev Projects

Here are some projects I'm proud to share with you!

Natalie, a Ruby implementation [2020-current]
Natalie is an implementation of Ruby, but ahead-of-time compiled, and the compiler itself is written in Ruby. The project is still young, but progress is coming along nicely!
RagChew.app [2023]
This is a little Sinatra web app for amateur radio (ham) operators to participate in on-the-air gatherings, or "nets."
Mal (Make A Lisp) C Compiler [2019]
This was my 2019 challenge to learn how to write a compiler. It turned out nicely I think!
Mal (Make a Lisp) in Rust [2018]
My first non-trivial Rust project!
Bible API (bible-api.com) [2015-current]
JSON web API for open and public domain bibles. This was a fun project and gets a lot of use from other developers.
30 Days of Elixir [2015]
When I was learning Elixir I made up my own daily exercises. It turned out to be fairly popular for helping others too!
Sidekiq::Clutch [2018-current]
An ergonomic wrapper API for Sidekiq Pro Batches. This is kinda niche, but people at work love it!
Froman [2017-current]
Run Sidekiq/Resque workers for multiple apps only when there is work to be done. This is fairly niche, but still a fun Rust project!


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