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This is the place where I show you stuff I am working on and have made previously.

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Fun Dev Projects

Here are some projects I'm proud to share with you!

malcc Mal (Make A Lisp) C Compiler [2019]
This was my 2019 challenge to learn how to write a compiler. It turned out nicely I think!
sidekiq-clutch Sidekiq::Clutch [2018]
An ergonomic wrapper API for Sidekiq Pro Batches
30-days-of-elixir [2015]
When I was learning Elixir I made up my own daily exercises. It turned out to be fairly popular for helping others too!
froman [2017]
Run Sidekiq/Resque workers for multiple apps only when there is work to be done. This is fairly niche, but still a fun Rust project!
bible_api (bible-api.com) [2015]
JSON web API for open and public domain bibles. This was a fun project and gets a lot of use from other developers.
OneBody [2006-present! ]
Private member portal for churches, built with Ruby on Rails. I have slowed down on this, but I still tinker on it, even after 12 years!


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